Margot Collection


The Margot Collection is Felicia Ferrone's maximalist line of glassware. It is a longtime favorite collection of renowned interior designer, Kelly Wearstler, who was an early adopter of fferrone. A modern take on cut glass and entirely hand-formed, the Margot Collection inverts tradition with intricate interior detail, making it glassware for those who seek generous, ornate touches in their ideal home design.

Adored by creatives and stylists, Margot glassware has been featured widely in publications such as Financial Times How to Spend It, Marie Claire Maison, Fortune Magazine, Food & Wine, and Elle Decor. Like so many fferrone collections, Margot Goblets have graced the homes, events and wedding registries of the most stylish taste-makers.

The Margot Collection has a decanter and full set of wine, water and dessert glasses. It includes also a coupe for Champagne or desserts. The collection can be mixed and matched with other fferrone designer collections.

Design: Felicia Ferrone, 2013
Handcrafted in Czech Republic