Fluted Talise Carafe



Designer Fluted Glass Carafe that can be used with or without water filter

With a special technique that blends two types of glass, the Fluted Talise carafe, like the Talise, can be used with a standard water filter or without for non-filtered beverages. Made without the use of molds and created with the finest quality Borosilicate glass, each piece is handcrafted by master glassblowers.

The Talise Carafe can use a standard water filter available at local retailers. Water filter is not included.

material • borosilicate glass
type • glassware
size • 250 mL (84 fl oz)
150 mL (50 fl oz) when using the funnel
h. 26.5 cm (10 1/2in) ø14.5cm

Design: Felicia Ferrone, 2015
Handcrafted in Czech Republic