Felicia Ferrone's interview on FvF

Clear cut: A look at Felicia Ferrone’s purposeful Milanese-inspired designs
How the award-winning designer forgoes mass-production for detail oriented, handcrafted pieces, Chicago
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Felicia Ferrone has become known for her continuous ability to deliver the unexpected—a skill she perfected while living in Milan and working with some of the best designers in the business. But with a degree in architecture, Ferrone only started designing after living in Milan and being immersed in Italy’s strong cultural heritage in design.

Currently based in Chicago, Felicia’s brand fferrone allows her to constantly reinvent archetypes through her fundamental approach to design. Her architecture background translates seamlessly into her work as a designer. “The range of broad thinking is simply part of architectural practice, and they are one in the same. The two influence each other simultaneously, and this is also how I think about design,” Ferrone says. “To me, it should be that the design—even the smallest detail—is a manifestation of the larger idea. And the idea is then manifested from the form of the design.”

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