May Coupe Set

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Designer Champagne Coupe - Set of 2 - May Collection

The May Coupe Champagne Glass by fferrone ha been a best seller and sold all over the world to exclusive hotels / restaurants, mixologists and private citizens.  

May Coupe is a classic champagne glass with a modern silhouette.  The May Coupe stemware is used in several bars as a cocktail glass and makes an excellent coupe to serve desserts. 

May Collection was designed by Felicia Ferrone for her favorite month when the season transitions from spring to summer. With the interior fluting of its hollow stem, this unique contemporary glassware design channels that natural lightness and expressive freedom of the season. At once a modern take on stemware and a wink to nostalgia with its vintage touch, the May Collection has earned its place as a classic among the fferrone glassware collections. This well-loved collection was a best seller of 2018 and was featured in the Wall Street Journal. 

The May Glassware Collection includes drinking glasses for complete table setting. 

Each original piece is hand-formed without the use of molds by master glassblowers. The borosilicate glass allows for a range of hot and cold applications. As is the case for all fferrone glassware collections, the May Collection is oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe for everyday use. 

material • borosilicate glass
type • glassware 
size • 250mL (8floz)
h. 14 cm (5.5in) ø10cm

Design: Felicia Ferrone, 2018
Handcrafted in Czech Republic

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