Felicia Ferrone transformed this 1100SF condo into an open space for living, working, and entertaining. The ceiling heights were modified to define the various programs within the space allowing for clear definition of main living areas and bedroom from the work areas of the studio and kitchen. The studio was opened up to the main living space and the entrance to the bedroom was enlarged allowing for city views and natural light deep into the interior of the space. By lengthening the back wall of the studio, anchored by floor to ceiling doors, the bathroom was enlarged and the circulation was kept to a minimum for maximum use of space. The kitchen was opened up to the living and dining areas and a single 6 foot mirrored cabinet becomes an object of art reflecting the dining room and lake views. The front of the peninsula was wrapped in a single slab of Carrara marble, providing a finished backdrop with visual texture for the dining room and definition of the kitchen area. The original hard wood from 1911 was stained black for depth while the floor's patina created a texture contracting the new construction.

fferrone interior design

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